Dear club members

In the name of the Anglo-Swiss Club Locarno, on New Years Eve, I personally ignited this special rocket and launched it into outer space. I sincerely hope that the cargo will burn when it reaches its destination and that it will stay there - never to return!

To ring in the New Year 2022,

still very mindful of the current rules and restrictions, we will celebrate our traditional

"Prosecco and Panettone"

with a special outdoor celebration at the

                                    Parco della Pace!

Saturday, 8 January 2022, 10am
The committee and some club members, as well as I, will prepare the picnic site. We will be serving mulled wine, panettone, prosecco. There will be a campfire and sheepskins and rugs to keep you warm.


We have checked the weather forecast and it does look promising. If it rains we will postpone to a later date! 

Registrations are compulsory!
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We look forward to a joyful celebration!

Anglo-Swiss Club Locarno


Covid rules and regulations apply. 2G.