Dear Club members

Slowly but steadily our projects are coming together and I am very happy to announce that we have our own Anglo-Swiss Locarno Facebook page

The credit for goes to our member, Louise Bostock, who designed and prepared the page. A big THANK YOU to Louise! Please do make use of this page, which should help facilitate communication between members. Of course your participation is absolutely voluntary!

Please also take a look at our website:,  which has been tidied up to reflect the current situation. There is a new section under "info" which is called "archive" and where you will find the past newsletters etc.  As you know our website is looked after by our webmaster. I was able to meet him during his holiday in Ascona. He is a brilliant and kind gentleman and I just love working with Sander as he also has a great sense of humour! 

Another project is just about to be born. I had the pleasure of a meeting with Carina von Künsberg, Settimane Musicali, and we are working on some "specials" for the Anglo-Swiss Club Locarno. You will receive more news soon.

We are also starting a new project, which will focus on cultural activities. Special exhibitions etc. that would be nice to experience as a small group.

We will also be opening the clubroom as of October on a specific day during the week. The aim is to have a few members meet and enjoy a discussion on a specific topic.

As you all know our club can only survive and move forward with your active participation.  So thank you for registering for the events and also for any help. We always are thankful for helping hands!

All this being said please do take note that we will need to adhere to the Covid-19 rules and regulations. Some activities will require that you present your Vaccination certificate or a negative test or the proof that you have recovered from Covid. I am sure you all understand, as always, that health and safety come first.

As always at your service!


Anglo-Swiss Club Locarno