Outing with Kurt to Sasso San Gottardo

Invitation - Outing, Thursday, 09. September 2021 Sasso San Gottardo
Once TOP SECRET – today a unique museum

The unique museum "Sasso San Gottardo" is located in the huge caverns of the former Gotthard fortress deep inside the mountain. The fortress on the Gotthard Pass was one of the largest underground defence installations in Switzerland and was still operated as a top-secret military facility until 2001.

Today, visitors can explore extensive tunnels and experience a breath of history. The underground funicular "Metro del Sasso" takes you to the historic fortress, where gunrooms, ammunition magazines, troop accommodation and command facilities are hidden away. The Metro del Sasso was built during World War II and continuously enhanced in the era of the Cold War.

One of the mysterious passages leads to an exit in a rock face - and to the viewing platform, which offers a beautiful panorama.

How do we get there?
You can either drive yourself up to the San Gottardo Hospiz (free parking directly in front of the main museum entrance, which is located 300 meters from the top of the pass).
or join us as follows:

Depart Locarno Trainstation by Rossi Bus 09:00 Arrive Gotthard Summit 10.30

The Gotthard Summit bus stop is a five minutes' walk from the main entrance.

At 10.45h we will enjoy a 2 – 2,5-hour English language guided tour throughout the entire fortress.

We recommend warm clothing and good shoes for your visit (it is about 8-10 degrees Celsius in the fortress).

After the tour we will walk back to the Gotthard Hospiz Restaurant where we will enjoy a typical nostalgic Swiss Army Lunch in the Military kitchen.
We will allow time so that you can have a leisurely walk around on the Gotthard Pass.

Depart Gotthard Summit by Rossi Bus 16:00 Arrive Locarno 17:30

Rossi Bus transfer CHF 43.00 p.P. (which is CHF 10 cheaper than a 1⁄2 Tax fare Train/Postal Bus and we are much more flexible).
Entrance and guided Tour of the fortress CHF 32.50

Lunch is sponsored by the club, drinks excluded!

Participation is limited to 25 members on a first come-first served basis.
Please let me know if you are vegetarian, so that I can inform the restaurant.

Please register no later than 1st. September 2020 (indicating your mode of transportation) by Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by SMS to 078 6891390

!! Coronavirus / Covid 19 – rules apply !!
Please take note that due to the current situation we will request you to wear a mask (please bring your own mask) during the trip with the Rossi Bus and during the guided tour. You also will be requested to disinfect your hands before and after you get on public transportation and when entering any public buildings etc.

Please understand that participation is at your own risk.

Kind regards
Outing Coordinator

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