President's Report 01 June 2020 - 31 May 2021

Dear club members

I would like to add a subtitle to this report:


During the past months we have kept ourselves motivated with "Hope"! Hope that we all will meet again and with "Joy", 

Joy that our club has survived during these very difficult times. 

In all of the many newsletters that you have received during the last year, I have tried to remain optimistic even if it has been quite a challenge to remain perennially so! 

Now that our Government has started to relax the rules and regulations and life has returned to the streets and to our towns the future does look brighter. We will though continue to be vigilant and we will observe all the necessary precautions. 

Traditionally the club does not organize any activities in June, July and August. We made an exception last year as we believed at the end of the first lockdown that the worst was over. Unfortunately, as we all well know, it was wishful thinking. From June 2020 until October 2020 we organized 11 (!) events and in March 2021 we purchased the Gastro Ticino Vouchers - so even if it was a difficult year, we did our very best to offer activities and without doubt an excellent return of investment for the members who paid their club dues!

In my last newsletter, I informed you all that we will, hopefully and joyfully, resume our club activities in September 2021.  By then the light at the end of the tunnel will be shining brightly and steadily! Keeping my fingers crossed!

During the last very challenging year our committee was not able to meet as a group, but we kept in touch with regular communications, whatsApp, email etc. We were not able to use our lovely renovated clubroom but we ensured that the clubroom was kept clean and fresh. Ready to be put to use as soon as the situation permits.   

  • ϖ THANK YOU to all the committee members who dedicated their time to the Anglo-Swiss Club.
  • ϖ THANK YOU to our treasurer, Anne Lipton, for her very accurate accounts and her excellent and detailed report!  
  • ϖ THANK YOU to our auditors Charles Weil and Felix Irniger.
  • ϖ THANK YOU to Katy and Kurt for organizing the walks and outings, which enabled our club members to enjoy the company of other members and visit such interesting places and explore our beautiful country. 
  • ϖ THANK YOU to our secretary, Paula Merlini, for always being available. Paula sends out the newsletters and keeps our membership list up to date. Paula is always happy to answer any questions.
  • ϖ THANK YOU to Sander Vriesman who looks after our website and has continued to do this " free of charge" due to Corona because:  "in his opinion" there was less work! 
  • ϖ THANK YOU to the club members who contacted us, and gave us their support.

My personal wish to you all is that you remain healthy, safe and in good spirits so that when we meet again in September 2021 we can wash down the past with some excellent bubbles!

I am already looking for a venue for an opening dinner and I will be in touch during our summer break with updates and news!



I will not give up and I will continue to put all my energy in keeping our club alive and kicking! 






Always at your service!

President Anglo-Swiss Club Locarno


Activities June 2020 - May 2021

29 June 2020
- Club Lunch at Tre Terre, Ponte Brolla


02 July 2020 - Outing to Giornico with Kurt


30 July 2020 - Aperitivo at Hotel La Palma au Lac - Muralto


05 September 2020 - Coffee Morning - Hotel La Palma au Lac - Muralto 


10 September 2020 - Outing to St. Gallen with Kurt 
A special THANK YOU to Mandana Roozpeikar (Daughter of Bizhan and Jacqueline) for the guided tour of the Library! 


17 September 2020
Katjaboat - Special Event!  Aperitif Cruise - completely sponsored by the club! 40 members attended! 


24 September 2020 -  Aperitivo - Hotel La Palma au Lac, Muralto. 


04 October 2020 - Coffee Morning - Hotel La Palma au Lac, Muralto


07 October 2020 - Walk with Katy - Carona


15 October 2020 - Outing to Bellinzona with Kurt 


And last but not least our 10000 and 5000 steps walking groups resumed their walks and now meet once a month. 


Muralto, 20 May 2021