Club dues and Gastro Ticino Vouchers

Dear club members,

I would just love to be able to boost our moods. Positivity also depends on our health so as we are living in this beautiful corner of the world, let us make the most of the good weather and, whenever possible, go for a walk. The other day walking along the lake to the sound of the female ducks quacking (it has to be a female...ha ha!), there was some beautiful winter jasmine, which with its brilliant yellow blooms immediately boosted my mood.

I am absolutely sure that like me you are looking forward to meeting all your friends again and I know that at some time we will all meet again and we also will be able to hug each other! This is a promise! I now have a big request and I hope you all will understand how important it is to keep our club up and running and financially healthy.

As you know our club year is from 1 June - 31 May and we usually have our Annual General Meeting at the beginning of June. Due to the pandemic we had to postpone our AGM several times and we finally decided on a simplified procedure.

The relevant documents were sent to all the club members in November 2020. The documents included the invoice for the club dues 1 June 2020 - 31 May 2021 - payable till 15 December 2020.

After the first lockdown, we resumed our activities:


29 June 2020 - Lunch at Tre Terre
02 July 2020 - Outing to Giornico
30 July 2020 - Aperitif at La Palma au Lac
05 September 2020 - Coffee Morning La Palma au Lac
10 September 2020 - Outing to St.Gallen
17 September 2020 - Katjaboat sunset cruise
24 September 2020 - Aperitif at La Palma au Lac
04 October 2020 - Coffee Morning La Palma au Lac
07 October 2020 - Walk with Katy - Carona
15 October 2020 - Outing Bellinzona

A total of 10 activities during these difficult times. The activities were very well attended

Unfortunately after these activities we had to cancel all future activities due to the Government's rules and regulations. I do though
think that we were able to offer as much as we could to our
members and the club subsidized many of the above activities.

The committee and I would like to thank all the club members who
have paid their club dues promptly.

May we please ask the club members who have not yet paid their dues to please do this by latest Friday 12 February 2021. We have
attached the original invoice, which includes our bank details.

In the meantime we have received payment slips from UBS and if you
would like to use a payment slip our treasurer, Anne Lipton, will be happy to send you one. Alternatively you can go to UBS Locarno and
pay directly into our account. All the relevant details are on the
invoice. If you need any further information please do call Anne: 091 743 4223

When we have received all the club dues, we do have a surprise waiting for you in the form of a voucher from Gastro Ticino. The voucher can be used in many restaurants all over the Ticino. It will be a nice contribution for the restaurants that are having quite a hard time.

So as we navigate our way through the first months of this New Year let us remain positive and look forward to a beautiful spring!

Always at your service!

President Anglo-Swiss Club Locarno