Dear club members

Please join us at the Hotel La Palma au Lac, Muralto:

Thursday, 20  October 2022 at 6pm

for a special evening/recital.

 We are delighted to welcome

Victor Vertunni di Albanella.

Victor is a London born actor and singer-songwriter and educator, now living in Italy. After graduating in theatre studies at the University of East Anglia he worked on a variety of theatre productions before co-founding the international theatre ensemble Theatre of Eternal Values. Victor comes across as an old musical soul; speaking and singing from some deep ancestral or universal memory that has never required remaking.

He has performed his original musical adaptations of William Blake's Songs of Innocence and of Experience in venues and festivals across Europe and in the USA. The song Ah, Sun-Flower is featured in the award winning motion picture, The Italian Key. Other songs are part of the theatrical production Eternity in an Hour, first performed at the Helsinki International Arts Festival 2008 followed by performances in Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and the USA at The New York International Fringe Theatre Festival 2010.

Victor will introduce us to William Blake.

William Blake (1757-1827) is one of the key figures of English Romanticism, and a handful of his poems are universally known thanks to their memorable phrases and opening lines. Blake frequently spoke out against injustice in his own lifetime: slavery, racism, poverty, and the corruption of those in power.  Blake's Songs are a conduit to a space beyond words and music – the inner landscape of our own soul.

After the recital you are invited to an aperitif which will be sponsored by the club.

Please register no later than 13 October 2022:

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Anglo-Swiss Club Locarno

We would like to thank our club member,
Edit (Meera) Szegvary for contacting Victor Vertunni.