Dear club members

Before we have our summer break in June, July and August

(In 2020 and 2021 we wanted to take advantage of the few possibilities we had to socialise so we did not have any summer breaks) we have put together a nice selection of club activities and we encourage you to participate. 

Our club has acquired many new members in the past two years. This is indeed very promising. We were quite active with our PR activities and we were mentioned several times in the local newspapers.  We have attached an updated membership list.  We encourage all our members to participate in the club activities! Participation is the best way to meet and make new friends.

As you all know we do not send out any personal information regarding our club members unless the member or the family has granted permission to us.

Many of you will have met Michael Roskothen. His heart condition suddenly deteriorated and Michael passed away peacefully whilst being cared for in hospital. We received the sad news from Michael's daughter Vanessa who also asked us to inform the club members. Our thoughts and prayers are with Vanessa and her family as they deal with the loss and absence of their father.  

I look forward to meeting you at our various events.

Very best wishes! 


Anglo-Swiss Club Locarno


For the members who registered their interest in the activities "Mah Jongg" and basic "chinese cooking class" (Dumplings). We will be in touch with you directly regarding the dates and the location.  Dates most probably end of May beginning of June.