The Anglo-Swiss Club of Locarno (ASCL) was founded in 1934 to promote good relations between Swiss and English-speaking people. We now have become very international with members from all countries. Quite amazing!

The ASCL is mainly a social club, which helps people meet each other, enjoy each other’s company and, most importantly, speak English, the language of the Club.

The ASCL does this through a programme of several events throughout the year. Rather than specialising in any particular type of activity, the ASCL tries to give its members as wide a choice of activities as possible. Cultural outings, walks, lectures, lunches and dinners! We celebrate in style!  Halloween, Fish & Chips, morning coffees and great aperitifs.  We try to hold events within a reasonable radius of Locarno, rather than going farther afield.

The Club also has its own library of books in English. The library is run by volunteer members and is open on coffee mornings during the Club season. 

The Club is open to members from all backgrounds and ages, and the only two conditions of membership are to be socially congenial and have a reasonable command of English.

We try to combine the best of Swiss, Anglo and international cultures - the good organisation and frugality of the Swiss with the more relaxed, less formal Anglo approach.

Our club year begins in January with a summer break from June to end of August. During 9 months we offer a wide range of interesting activities. We have a nice clubroom, which is located on one of Locarno's most beautiful squares, Piazza G. Pedrazzini 12, 3rd floor, 6600 Locarno.

For further information, programmes and application forms please contact:

Christine Rossal


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My dear club members

As this is the last newsletter you will receive from me, I took the liberty of addressing you as "My" club members. I know that you do not "belong" to me, but during the years of my presidency you have become close to my heart. 

When, after 48 years,  I retired from my wonderful, exciting and very challenging position in the exotic and dynamic world of tourism, everyone who knew me, first and foremost my husband Kurt, thought I would just die of boredom!  

I was so lucky that, at that time, my wonderful Doctor told me to take off my watch and just "let the day flow by and the mind flow like water".

This great piece of advice worked wonderfully for a number of months until I was asked if I would like to become President of the Anglo-Swiss Club Locarno.  I then had to put my watch back on!

You, my dear club members, trusted me with the future of our club and so I threw myself into this new and exciting challenge body and soul.

Four years later I can say  " I had the time of my life" and you honoured me time and time again with your attendance at the various events, I organized. From the Auction to Halloween, from the Carnival of Venice to our Prosecco and Panettone in the Parco della Pace and many other events we did have great fun!

The coffee mornings were always such joyful affairs and our film afternoons "Oldies but Goldies" bought together the aficionados of glorious, timeless films.

Our walks and outings, discovering the beauty and the culture of our wonderful Canton Ticino, also helped us bond.

Our latest special event "Everything is better with bubbles", was a great success and we are so very lucky to have such talented and knowledgeable members in our club.

The various dinners, teas, brunches, fish & chips etc., to name some of our activities, always a delight, but quite a challenge to find restaurants and venues ready to cater to such a large group and also offer good quality at an affordable price. But ultimately we found the venues and we always enjoyed the time we spent together.

So, "My" dear club members from the bottom of my heart


I will remember these years with great pleasure and I know that we will remain friends. I will continue to attend the club activities and if you wish to stay in touch with me, you will find all you need on the membership list.

As I will have to write the President's report at the end of the club year, I will then thank the various people who helped and dedicated their time to the club.

As of 31 May 2023 please do not send any emails to: "". This email will be discontinued until a solution has been found. If you have any questions please send an email to the club's secretary, Christine Rossal:

And last but not least:

Long live the Anglo-Swiss Club Locarno!

It is a wonderful club with great members and it was an honour to be your president!



Anglo-Swiss Club Locarno

At the La Palma on 30th May, a packed house of over 70 club members enjoyed a recital, called 'Eternity in an Hour', of songs and sonnets by William Shakespeare, Kabir, and principally William Blake, composed, sung, and played by Victor Vertunni and accompanied by his son Maxim on double bass. 

The songs were delightful, and the performance was very much appreciated to the last diminuendo of 'The Tyger'.

Then Stefanie Bertoneri Amrein was presented with the heartfelt thanks of the membership, heard some well-deserved praise of her personality and achievements, was given a standing ovation, and managed herself to find fitting words in response. Finally, a performance of William Blake's 'Ah! Sunflower' by Victor and Maxim, danced by Victor's wife Monia, paid appropriate tribute to Stefanie's continual quest for excellence.

All then repaired to the buffet and bar to enjoy an aperitivo, drinks, and of course lively conversations.

This event was a fitting conclusion to Stefanie's tenure as President, and will now be followed by our traditional 3 month summer break. There are photos from the event in the photo album.



Our member Lisa Bruggink Weis gave a very lively, entertaining, and informative presentation on sparkling wine (and let us sample some excellent drink and enjoy accompanying nibbles) on 23rd May in the clubroom.

The speed with which the cork flies from the bottle? The differences between the tank and traditional method? What causes corking? What factors influence the manufacture of the best sparkling wines? Is Dry really dry? We heard all this and much more from Lisa, and came out from her presentation with a better idea of this fascinating subject, and in some cases with a literal thirst for more.

There are a few pictures in our Photo Album to give you a better sense of the afternoon.

By popular demand Kurt, our Outings co-ordinator, organised another visit to REGA on Friday 28th April in beautiful weather, and our members were again impressed by this extraordinary Rescue organisation, its dedicated staff and its meticulously maintained helicopters. 

The group admiring a helicopter....


Even more impressive in flight.





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