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Speakers list

Anglo-Swiss Club of Locarno – partial speaker list.

Mr. Richard Jones, Dr. Michael Reiterer – EU Heads of Delegation.
Avv. Carla Del Ponte – UN War Crimes Prosecutor.
Pascal Couchepin – Former Federation President.
Mrs. Betty King – US UN Ambassador.
Michael Haefliger – Intendant, Lucerne Festival.
Dr. Agostino Mattei – Specialist in robot-assisted surgery.
David Lane – The Economist Rome correspondent, Berlusconi Author.
Anton Mosimann – international restaurateur.
Dr. Renzo Simoni – Alptransit CEO.
Dr. Andre Schneider – WEF CEO.
Daisy Gilardi – professional Antarctic photographer.
Rolph Zibung – Bucherer Chief Diamond Buyer.
Dr. Luciano Wannesson – Head of Oncology, IOSI.
Marc Michel-Amadry – Sothebys Switzerland Managing Director.
Marco Solari – President, Locarno International Film Festival.
Sergio Savoia – WWF Director, European Alpine Programme.
Alexandre Liebeskind – Presidential Asst., Int'l Committee of the Red Cross.
David Willey OBE, Imogen Foulkes – Italian and Swiss BBC correspondents.
Werner Kropik – Swiss and Italian TV and travel film producer.
Prof. Jonathan Steinberg – U. of Pennsylvania and Cambridge – modern history.
Dr. Giovanni Pedrazzi – Head of Cardiac Surgery, Ticino Cardiocentro.
Donald S. Beyer, Suzan LeVine – U.S. Ambassadors to CH and Liechtenstein.
John Axelrod – International Orchestral Conductor.
Laurent Sauveur – Swiss Director, Medecins Sans Frontieres.
Carlo Ossola – Swiss national Rep. on UNESCO World heritage Site Committee.
Arancha Gonzales – Executive Director, International Trade Centre (UN/WTO)
James Gaffigan – Resident Conductor, Lucerne Symphony Orchestra.
Diccon Bewes – best-selling author of books about Switzerland.
Ellen Wallace – expert and author on Swiss wines.
H.E. David Moran – British Ambassador to CH and Liechtenstein.
Nicolas Pernot – Photographer and writer.
Camilla Bernbach –Jakob Schlaepfer Chief Embroiderer.
Christian Sciullo – Google European Cloud Platform Leader.