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How to get to the Club rooms of ASC Locarno

From Locarno Post office

The street that passes right outside the entrance of the post office is Via della Posta. Follow that long street direction South (direction Lido) until Via delle Aziende, which is the 10th side street to the right. In the corner you will see an old house with the writing Azienda gas e acqua on the wall. Enter that street and after about 20 m you see a simple prefabricated one-storey building on the left side. It contains the club rooms of Samaritani di Locarno, ASCL and other clubs. Walking from the post office takes about 6 minutes.


From Locarno railway station

Drive down to the lake, continue straight along the lake direction Lido. After the little forest Bosco Isolino take the soft turn to the right and you are in Viale Isolino. When you reach a crossroads you have arrived. You cross Via della Posta and you are in Via delle Aziende where you find the club rooms (s. above).