Dear Club members

We have had our first committee meeting and the committee and I are happy that we can start to resume our club activities even if they are, at the time being, on a smaller scale. We do though hope that we will be able to have a Halloween Party, an auction and other events, such as the Xmas Afternoon Tea or the Carnival of Venice, which were all a great success before the pandemic. We will monitor the situation closely and keep you well informed.

Today you are receiving our calendar of events and activities. You will find some of our old favourites such as our coffee mornings and aperitifs and also some new additions such as "Current Affairs" and "Culture Club"!

If you would like to have an open and lively discussion please attend "Current Affairs" in the clubroom (12 members maximum). Stefanie will be your "talk master" but will be very happy if a club member would take over from her.

Culture Club for those of you who would like to visit a museum or an art gallery or a special exhibition but who prefer to do this with a small group. Kurt, our outing coordinator, will be in charge of this new activity.

We are very happy to inform you that our club member, Louise Bostock has agreed to take over from Tony Deyes as our lecture organizer. Louise has some very interesting lectures lined up and we hope that you will join us. The first lecture will be at the Hotel La Palma, Muralto, More information will follow with the next newsletter but you can already "save the date"!

Louise also did a great job with our club Facebook page. Please take a look and become "a friend".

Our committee member, Walter Isler, who did a great job with the club archive (if you are interested the archive is accessible to all members and is stored in our club room), will be taking over our newly created "Membership Services & Events". Walter is currently on vacation but you will hear from him when he is back.

We are now offering 5000 and 10000 steps. Please do join Emi and/or Stefanie on these walks. A great way to boost your energy, chat with other club members and then enjoy coffee or tea.

Katy, our walk organizer, will be organizing a walk when she is back from her trip back to the US. More details will follow.

And last but not least, Paula, our secretary, would appreciate receiving any change of address or email or phone number so that she can keep our membership list up to date.

Please do register for our events. Our club depends on the participation of the club members.

Many months have passed since we last met. The committee and I look forward to seeing you all again!

Long live the Anglo-Swiss Club Locarno! Always at your service!