Dear Club members

It's time to embrace self-kindness

To say that 2020 has not been as any of us wanted or expected is probably the understatement of the year.

What an unspeakably tough year for everyone. Heartache and loneliness for so many as well as a collective sense of shock and sorrow are just a few words that come to my mind.

Usually at this time of the year the committee and I would be planning the December festivities but unfortunately our hands are tied. We are still holding on to a reservation for our annual Xmas dinner, but most probably we will also have to cancel this event. 

Against this backdrop, I do think it is important that we embrace self-kindness. Whenever possible we should treat ourselves to something special. Some of our members have shared their extraordinary talents with me. Painting, flower-arrangements, writing, bird-watching - we have very many talented members and once this pandemic is over, I am sure that these talented members will be more than willing to show and share their skills with you. With these projects on the horizon please rest assured, dear Club members, that the Anglo-Swiss Club Locarno will resume its activities as soon as it is possible. 

As informed in our Newsletter, 28 October 2020 in lieu of the Annual General Meeting we decided on a simplified procedure so that we can close the club year 2019/2020. The committee and I are honoured and thrilled by the very positive response to this procedure, which is permitted by law. (Ordinance 3 to combat the Coronavirus/Statute 27).  93 members sent in a positive response. This number far exceeds any number of participants in the Club's past AGMs. There were no negative responses. 

You will find the President's report on our website by clicking here!

Happy reading and please stay safe and well!

Very best wishes