Dear Club members

During the last few days I have been reading the newsletters I sent to you when we went into lockdown and then when lockdown ended.  I have read all your positive emails and all the lovely notes after our meetings, outings, walks and other activities.

I have come to the conclusion that "Hope is the heartbeat of the soul" and therefore we are not going to give up hope even if we are, once again, going through tough times and the immediate future does not look that bright.

I do not want to fill your heads with endless numbers and charts regarding this awful virus but unfortunately the infections are on the rise and the situation is looking bad.

After lockdown we immediately picked-up our activities and we were able to enjoy many wonderful "club moments". In June we had a lovely lunch at Tre Terre, Ponte Brolla. In July an outing to Giornico. The walking groups met for their 10'000 steps. We also enjoyed an aperitivo at the La Palma.

In September we had a lovely coffee morning as well as an aperitif. An absolute highlight was the great late afternoons cruise on the Lago Maggiore on the Katjaboat.  Kurt organized an outing to St. Gallen and we also enjoyed another aperitif at the La Palma.

In October we met for relaxed coffee morning at the La Palma. We had a fabulous walk and lunch organized by Katy to Carona.  Kurt organized an outing to Bellinzona where we enjoyed the Leonardo exposition, a guided tour of Bellinzona and at the end of the afternoon another aperitif. 

But now unfortunately we must "PAUSE" all our activities as the Covid-19 situation has again become very dramatic and the committee and I do not want to put any of our members or ourselves at risk. 

We have therefore decided to cancel ALL future activities, coffee mornings, aperitifs, walks, outings, walking groups etc.  with IMMEDIATE EFFECT!

We just can't risk meeting in groups even if we have tried our very best to maintain the required 1,5-2m distance and we have always stayed within the maximum group number. The maximum number for private gatherings is now 15 and it is mandatory to wear a mask in public buildings. In restaurants and bars you are required to wear a mask until you reach your table and it is not allowed to stand around or at the bar. 

We have also cancelled the Annual General Meeting at the Sala dei Congressi, Muralto on Thursday, 19 November 2020 at 5pm. 

The committee and I have in the last months tried our very best to keep the club spirit alive and we have organized many activities, but now it is time again to "be sensible" and follow our government's recommendations so that we don't give this virus a chance of spreading even more. 

We are sure that you all understand. 

We will keep you informed and if we see a "ray of hope" we will resume our activities.

I think, you will all understand, that I am sending out this communication with a very heavy heart. I love the Anglo-Swiss Club Locarno and I have with the help of my committee members always enjoyed preparing our events. There were many other events planned. 

Dearest club members we will stay in touch and keep you informed. We will at one point also be sending out information on how and if we will proceed with the AGM and we will also be sending out the invoices for our club year: 

1 June 2020 - 31 May 20201. I think you will agree that we have done all possible in these difficult times to keep the club up and running and we will continue to do so as soon as the situation allows us

To close this newsletter on a positive note, I would like to inform you that the famous MAISIE BIENZ MEMORIAL CUP will be handed over to the Anglo-SWISS CLUB Locarno. It will be on display in our clubroom.  The cup was last award to Yvonne Schneider-Bryant in 2011 and it is now back in Locarno!  

Stay safe and keep well - till we meet again!

President Anglo-Swiss Club Locarno