Simple things bring joy, such as a beautiful day!

Dear Club members,

Your lovely emails and wonderful feedback have given the committee and me a big helping of happiness.
These positive signs have spurred us on in these uncertain times.

We were so full of energy and so happy to be able to organize some events in July. As you know we had to cancel the Katja Boat aperitif due to engine problems. We then had a bit of a scare regarding our aperitif at the La Palma au Lac, Muralto due to number restrictions! As you all know each Canton can decide autonomously how strict the rules and regulations are and how long they will be in place.

This makes it rather difficult to organize events starting in September. 
We are monitoring the situation on a weekly basis and will keep you up to date.

Please though take note that we will not be able to use our clubroom for our coffee mornings unless the rules and regulations regarding social distancing and hygiene are loosened.
We have therefore decided to have our coffee mornings at the Hotel La Palma au Lac, Muralto. Please save the dates:

05 September 2020 and 03 October 2020
You will be requested to register, as the number of members who can attend is limited to 30. (This might change!)
Please also take note that we will be postponing the Annual General Meeting. This again has to do with the amount of members who can attend.

The outing to Sankt Gallen will take place on Thursday, 10 September 2020. All information will follow by separate email. 

More information regarding our coffee mornings, lectures, and events will follow in August 2020.

Wishing you all a beautiful, sunny and peaceful summer!