Dear Club members

My kindest greetings. I hope you all are well especially after our first week out of lockdown. I would like to let you know that I will be meeting with our treasurer, Anne Lipton, next week to finalize and close the club finances 01 June 2019 -  31 May 2020 ready for the audit. We also will soon be having a committee meeting.  We are just waiting for more information from the Government regarding gatherings of 5 and more people. We will keep you informed!
Should you at any time require any specific information please do contact me!
Next week I will be sending out the second part of Bizhan’s fabulous videos on Shiraz (Iran). I received so many compliments and requests to please continue that, of course, I will follow up!
I know that we are not allowed to hug, so I am sending you all a virtual hug!