Welcome Spring


Dear Club members

Live, love, laugh and celebrate!

It might be a cliché to call life a rollercoaster full of ups and downs, but it is very true. 

In my book of "ups" the Anglo-Swiss Club Locarno has a special place of honour. It is so very important to enjoy special moments. During the last months we have shared many special events and moments, which have shown us that we certainly know how to enjoy and celebrate! I have chosen this specific photo, which is a perfect example of: Live, love, laugh and celebrate!

(Lunch at Tre Terre, Tegna, 17 January 2020)

You might remember that at our first coffee morning on 31 August 2019, Mrs Gabi Cruise, President of FASC, joined us. It is my pleasure to announce that Locarno has been chosen for the next FASC AGM. It is an honour for the Anglo-Swiss Club Locarno. We have therefore decided to have both the FASC and the ASCL Annual General Meetings on the same day. The AGMs will be on Saturday, 6 June 2020 and will start at 11.00am.  We are confident that by 1pm we will have finished. After the AGMs we will have an aperitif followed by lunch. Of course you will receive all the necessary information in due course. Please consider this a "save the date". 

Cultural highlight in May 2020
As not all our members feel the need to attend an AGM, we do though think it would be nice to close the club year with a cultural highlight! It is our pleasure to inform you that we will have the honour of a private piano concert by the renowned concert pianist Christina Harnisch. Thursday, 21 May 2020 at 4pm. Please save the date! More information to follow! 


Change of location for our lectures! Important!
In the past years we have enjoyed several very interesting lectures at the Belvedere. After carefully assessing the feedback, we have received from many of our members, we will, as of March 2020, be moving to the Hotel La Palma au Lac, Muralto. We have, in the last months, had several events at the Hotel La Palma au Lac and we are confident that the location is ideal, the service is good and the conference facilities, on the ground floor, are very easily accessible.  

Please do take note of the different timings for our two lectures in March! 

12 March at 6pm and 26 March at 5pm! This has to do with the availability of the speakers. The lectures will be followed by an aperitif, which is sponsored by the club.

Our coffee mornings and other events in our newly refurbished clubroom are a great success. We fully understand that the room gets rather crowded and sometimes the acoustic level is quite high, but this goes to show that we are all enjoying ourselves. We are under discussion with the Città di Locarno, if there would be a possibility to get larger facilities. So please bear with us until we hear from the authorities. Our meetings are a great opportunity to socialize. And....we are very lucky to have a clubroom!

On a very personal note
I will be travelling to Laos for a couple of weeks this year. As most of you know my life has been dedicated to tourism and I am still passionate about travel. I will be visiting, amongst other things, the hill tribe settlements, the Buddhist monasteries etc. My trip will also include lots of hiking and adventure! 

(Photo: camel safari in Jordan)

I am sure, I will return to Locarno full of new ideas and bursting with energy! I will be more than happy, later during the year, to give a presentation about Laos.

All the events for February and the coming months are organized, so there is nothing to be worried about. You can, as always, get in touch with a member of the committee, should this be necessary. 

Thank you for your trust and support.

Always at your service!