Bolle di magadino

31.05.2018, 28 Participants. at 10.30 we were met by Dottoressa Chiara Scandolara, the ornithologist, who did accompany us on a guided tour through the Bolle di Magadino. The Bolle di Magadino, between the mouth of the Verzasca and the Magadino plain, is a precious and renowned wildlife refuge.

 The Bolle di Magadino, one of nine water meadow landscapes, considered by the Swiss Academy for Natural Science, is of international importance. It includes the delta of the Ticino and Verzasca rivers at Lake Maggiore. The Bolle are home to a unique fauna and flora, found in areas between firm ground and water.
Thanks to the provision of nature trails it is possible to visit the Bolle without interfering with or harming its natural inhabitants too extensively. Internationally, it is the only mouth of a river in a lake which has remained in its natural state south of the Alps (and one of the few in Europe); they are rich in aquatic and terrestrial biotopes in various phases of evolution; they host over 300 species of birds; they host very rich flora and fauna. Nationally; they are a characteristic delta landscape, unique in their beauty, originality and ecological value for river and lake ecosystems; the vegetation at the Bolle coexists and interacts within a unspoilt surroundings; they present richness of form within a relatively modest territory: among them 90 species of algae; 16 of fern; 387 species of mushrooms; 250 species of birds.
We were lucky with the weather as we had sunshine and not to hot temperatures. Unfortunately we had two no-shows, so we ended up with a group of 28 instead of 30, and we were able to enjoy a most relaxing and interesting short walk with lots of good sights and explanations of this beautiful area of the Bolle di Magadino. To finish the morning walk, we enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Osteria Cantinone Elvezia in Magadino.
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