Giumaglio, Coglio

04.10.2018 Someo We met in Coglio in Valle Maggia and were very fortunate to have a bright, warm, sunny fall day. There were 21 participants and we took the bus 2 stops to Someo.

Someo or Somèi in the local dialect is a small village that exemplifies the results of the emigration that took place in the 1800 and 1900's. Many residents had emigrated to France, England, Argentina and particularly California. Many did very well financially abroad and returned with the financial means to build big, beautiful villas. These villas are still very prominent in this small village.


The village cemetery is also rare as there are 2. One for the richer residents who upon seeing the big monuments in California also built these for their families and a second cemetery for the other residents.



After walking through Someo the road arrives in Giumaglio. Giumaglio was founded in 1224. The older houses and rusticos are clustered around the church and behind on the hill are the vineyards and grotti. There is also a large chestnut forest above the village.

After visiting the church we walked over to Mr. Emiliano Corti's house where he explained very passionately about his hobby of beekeeping.

A short walk brought us over the bridge that divides Giumaglio and Coglio where we ate lunch at the Eco Cristillina Hotel.




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