These are some of the people, important and distinguished in various fields, who have kindly given lectures to us in the past:
Jill Mathis
Jill Mathis Photographer
Victor Vertunni di Albanella
Victor Vertunni di Albanella Singer and Songwriter
Elvira Dones & Maria Raffaella Bruno Realini
Elvira Dones & Maria Raffaella Bruno Realini Author & PEN International
Dr. Vickie Pasterski
Dr. Vickie Pasterski Gender Identity Specialist
Dr. Michael Reiterer
Dr. Michael Reiterer EU Head of Delegation.
Avv. Carla Del Ponte
Avv. Carla Del Ponte UN War Crimes Prosecutor.
Pascal Couchepin
Pascal Couchepin Former Federation President
Mrs. Betty King
Mrs. Betty King US UN Ambassador
Michael Haefliger
Michael Haefliger Intendant, Lucerne Festival
Dr. Renzo Simoni
Dr. Renzo Simoni Alptransit CEO
Dr. Andre Schneider
Dr. Andre Schneider WEF CEO
Dr. Luciano Wannesson
Dr. Luciano Wannesson Head of Oncology, IOS
Nicolas Pernot
Nicolas Pernot Photographer and writer
Richard Wherlock
Richard Wherlock Director Basel Ballet
Mrs Jane Owen
Mrs Jane Owen HM British Ambassador
Mr Benjamin Koch
Mr Benjamin Koch Price Waterhouse Coopers
Mr Thomas Ide
Mr Thomas Ide The Whisky Chamber
Mr. Richard Jones
Mr. Richard Jones EU Head of Delegation