Positive Feedback on "Rediscover your „Zing“ - Reflexology“ by Cecilia.

Members who attended the presentation by Cecilia were very enthusiastic and complimentary. These are two of the comments we received: The presentation on reflexology by Cecelia was excellent. A few of us (including me) had no experience with reflexology. Others knew quite a bit about it plus other "pressure point" techniques. It was very interesting to learn about it, learn about the differences and similarities between it and other pressure point techniques, and especially informative to see a demonstration of the technique. Cecilia's relaxed, informal, knowledgeable presentation encouraged a lot of questions and discussion. It was a real pleasure. (T.C) Many thanks to Cecelia, who very well covered the basics of reflexology. Moreover, thanks to Stephanie, who patiently allowed a treatment demonstrating kneading, tracing and pushing on the various zones of her feet. It was great learning! (V.L)