Dear club members

Before 2022 comes to an end, I would like to share with you two particular sentences delivered as part of the Christmas message by His Holiness Pope Francis. 

I believe these two sentences convey a very strong message and it is irrelevant if you profess a belief or not, ultimately it is just the naked truth

  • Our time is experiencing a grave famine of peace
  • Our world is severely sick with indifference

 I am sure we all try in our own special ways to help whenever and wherever we can. We can't save the world single-handedly - unfortunately.

this is why, I believe that our club, which was founded in 1934 and is just on the cusp of turning 90 plays such an important role in our lives. 

Last year when there was a severe lack of antibiotics in a Caribbean country we purchased and donated the medications.

This year at the beginning of the on-going Ukraine/Russia conflict we donated to the UNCHR.

When we visited the REGA base in Tenero we donated a substantial amount to this wonderful organisation.

Whatever is going on in the world, life is better when we show compassion. At our regular meetings we get to know new people. We have a chance to spend some special moments together. Friendships are formed. People bond. And sometimes, on the grapevine, you hear that someone is unwell or going through a difficult time. So we pick up the phone or we go and visit.

I am a great believer in our wonderful club. We have, in the past club year, had many wonderful events, walks, talks, lectures and moments to come together and share some good times. We indeed have a great sense of community.  And we will continue!

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to sincerely thank all the members of the committee and all the club members who have been involved in making our club such a special one.

 Personally, I wish you all a peaceful                                  

                                    New Year 2023