The Bear Cave

guided tour
Date: Tuesday, 05 June 2018

On Tuesday 5th June we will have a guided tour to The Bear Cave on Monte Generoso. We will meet at the parking lot in Capolago next to the railway station at 9:45 a.m. from where we will take a mountain railway going up to Monte Generoso. The cave was discovered in 1988 and is located on Italian soil, about a 30-minute walk from the “Fiori di Pietra” building. The “Grotto dell’Orso (Bear Cave) is the site of important finds of the remains of more than 800 cave bears that lived on Monte Generoso some 60.000 years ago and later became extinct. Palaeontologists still continue to study the cave today. It’s more than 200 m long, of which 70 metres have been made accessible to the public. Those who might have claustrophobic problems may wait for us at the restaurant Fiore di Pietra and enjoy the fantastic view.


Equipped for Security: Hiking shoes (a Must), Cap, Breathable clothing, waterproof jackets (8/10° in the cave).


There are 2 options for Lunch. Please, indicate your choice when and if you register for this event.


Option 1: Lunch at the one of the most fascinating restaurants Fiore di Pietra, designed by Mario Botta. Menu with prices will be send with the newsletter. If you choose this special offer with train, tour and lunch, the train tickets will be at a lower price, CHF 27, but then you’ll have to pay for your luxurious lunch.

Option 2: Lunch at a Self-Service restaurant on the ground floor of the same building. You pay for what you eat. In this case the train ticket price will be CHF 48 (a group of 10-20 people). Those who want to economise it’s recommended to choose Option 2 for lunch.


The programme

10.00 arrival at Capolago ticket office and pick up tickets

10.25 departure from Capolago

10.55 arrival on the Monte Generoso

11.00-11.30 walk to the Bear Cave

11.45-12.15 visit the Bear Cave

12.15-13.00 walk back to the Fiore di Pietra (Stone Flower)

13.15 Lunch at the restaurant Fiore di Pietra (attached are the menu proposals for the choice of 1 or 2 courses)

15.15 or 16.45 departure from Monte Generoso to Capolago


N.B. Since the event takes place during high season in Ticino and the trains are almost always fully booked out, we were able to reserve seats for 20 people only. We also booked a train for going down at 16:45. Or else you can go down any time after lunch on your own. If the weather is not good this outing will be cancelled. To attend this outing, please, contact Nana Marti at 079 745 1441 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible.


Via Fam. Carlo Scacchi 6, 6825 Capolago, Switzerland



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