Dear Club members


Yesterday on my walk through the beautiful Parco della Pace, Locarno, I took a photo of these two hearts that were created with camellia blooms. My first thought was: there is love in this World. My second thought was: open your eyes and you will feel it all around you.

In the second year of the pandemic we are slowly starting to see a glimmer of hope, even though the negative news still is more than abundant.  

Our Government has decided to open the restaurant terraces and other businesses. There are though rules and regulations in place for associations like the ASCL. Due to the fact that our clubroom has limited space, we will not be opening it for our members. 

We will also wait another couple of weeks till we start organizing aperitifs, as we want to be absolutely sure that we will not have to cancel the venue as has happened several times in the past. We are sure that you will understand our reasoning behind this decision: "Safety first". 

Wishing you all a wonderful, sunny week with much love and my promise to be in touch soon.

Very best wishes

President Anglo-Swiss Club Locarno