ASCL - December roundup

Dear Club members

What an exciting month! 

Our three most important events attracted many members and from the lovely "Thank You" emails and calls we received, we know that we are moving in the right direction!

The official inauguration of the refurbished clubroom on Saturday, 7 December 2019 with the unveiling of the plaque dedicated to our generous donators was a coffee morning we will always remember! 60 members attended! An overwhelming attendance.  We could not have hoped or wished for more. 

A special THANK YOU to all the ladies who treated us to a great variety of delicious cakes! The table was groaning under their weight and we will have to buy more cake plates if this continues, which we hope it will!

The Christmas Afternoon Tea at the Hotel La Palma au Lac, Muralto. 55 members attended and we all enjoyed a visit from Santa Claus and a wonderful sing along. 

Our club member Rand has a wonderful voice and we all joined in. 

But what surprised us most of all was the extraordinary success of our auction/fundraiser. Slowly but steadily we started receiving calls and emails. Members letting us know that they would donate some items. On the Monday before the auction/fundraiser, Kurt Amrein and Walter Isler, went by car to collect the heavier items. In the meantime Stefanie, Sharon and Diana were at the clubroom sorting the items. Several members visited and they were also treated to coffee, tea and cake. By the end of the afternoon we knew that we would have to return the following morning. Never had we expected we would receive so many goods! Each item was listed and priced and then carefully displayed. 

On Wednesday afternoon Stefanie, Sharon, Diana and our "Auctioneer" Rand then had a trial run and, yes, we were rather nervous! How was it going to work out and how many members would appear! 

Kurt and Walter were ready with the Prosecco and then the members started to arrive with cakes and Christmas cookies and sausage rolls and many more delicious goodies. An incredible assortment of treats!

(Rand - in serious preparation!)

At 3pm we started and it was the most fun event. So much laughter, so much good-natured bidding. 

Great competition. A big, big thank you to our expert Auctioneer Rand! He just had us sitting on edge. By 6pm an incredible 95% of all the goods had been auctioned and had changed owners! And we made an amazing Fr. 2000.-- (twothousandswissfrancs)! 

This is an event we will repeat next year! The Fr.2000.-- will enable us to subsidize some of the events and to give our wonderful club members a good time!

The committee and I now wish you all a very Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you all at the first coffee morning of the New Year 2020! Saturday, 4 January 2020 at the clubroom: Prosecco & Panettone. 

Always at your service!